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Frequently Asked Questions

What area do you cover?

Absolutely anywhere! I am based in Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire and travel within a 30 minute drive from this location is included in all package prices. For example, photo shoots in Strathaven, Bothwell, Lanark, Larkhall, Motherwell, Hamilton, Carluke and Lesmahagow would not incur any extra charges. This area is shown here. Locations that are between 30 and 45 minutes from Stonehouse incur an additional travel fee of £10 (this area includes Airdrie and Glasgow); between 45 and 60 minutes away incurs an additional fee of £20 (for example, Edinburgh). If you need a photographer for a project that is further away, I would be very happy to consider this and provide you with a competitive quotation!

How much do you charge?

There are several “standard” packages available, with set fees, for example wedding photography, family portraits, baby and children portraits, pet portraits and modelling portfolios – please see the relevant pages for more information. For a bespoke photo shoot such as corporate portraits, marketing images and travel photography please contact me to discuss your requirements or ask more questions and I will be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation including all costs.

When are you available?

I have a flexible but busy diary and will do my best to accommodate you on your required date. The more notice I have, the better the chance of me being available!

When will I see my photos?

This depends on the duration of the photo shoot. A longer shoot will generate more pictures, but this will also take a little longer for me to process. Following a shoot of up to an hour in duration, I would aim to deliver your digital images within two weeks; printed material will take longer as it is sent away to be produced. If you need your pictures in a hurry, let me know when you book the shoot and I will allocate sufficient time to ensure the pictures are ready when you need them.

How are the photos delivered?

There are three options – the most popular is to produce a CD containing your images. This option is included in the cost of the photo shoot and you may reproduce the images upon the disk as you wish. Many clients also request printed images, whether a few select photographs printed upon high quality paper through to complete albums designed to your specification. Please let me know your requirements and I will be happy to provide a quotation to supply your printed images in your preferred format. If you only require a few images, these can be emailed to you directly - a quicker option, but this only works with smaller orders, due to the file sizes involved!

Will my images appear on your Facebook page?

That is entirely up to you. Many clients are very happy for me to post their pictures on my Facebook page - this is a great way for you to get a sneak preview of some pictures, as I can usually post a few images within hours of the shoot taking place. It also helps me, as the best form of advertising is to "show off" the pictures I have taken, especially if these images are then shared with your friends. However, I never publish any images without the clients' express consent, so if you prefer to keep your images private, they will remain private!

What do you photograph?

I have a wide portfolio, focussing primarily on wedding photography, baby and child portraits, family portraits, modelling portfolios and travel photography. If you require a photographer for any other project, please contact me to discuss your requirements – I enjoy a challenge, especially if photographing something out of the ordinary!

Do you edit your photos?

My philosophy is to take a great picture in the first place, rather than using editing software to try to produce an acceptable image from an indifferent photograph. However, a degree of processing can occur if requested by the client. For example, I may adjust the colour in an image to produce sepia toned photographs, remove it completely to produce a black and white image or highlight a particular colour in the picture. Other "special effects" can also be produced if desired, such as replicating a canvas print by introducing texture to the image, or making the photograph look more "arty" by modifying the colours. Examples of some of these "special effects" appear below, so you can see how they change the picture:

Original Image
Black and White
Original Image
Black and White Image
Sepia Tint
Canvas Texture
Sepia Tinted Image
Canvas Texture
Colour Image
Selective Colour
Original Colour Image
Selective Colour
Original Dog
"Cutout" Dog
Original Image
"Cutout" Effect
Helicopter G-BDIJ
Helicopter G-BDIJ
Original Image
"Line Drawing" Effect
Original Image
"Brush Strokes" Effect
Psychedelic Colours
Original Image
Psychedelic Colours!

Do you have a studio?

The vast majority of my photography is done on location and a studio is rarely required – photographs always look much more natural if a studio is avoided. In most situations I can turn an ordinary location into an ad-hoc studio if needed, simply by providing lighting to illuminate the subject and providing a suitable backdrop. If a larger shoot requires a professional studio for any reason, this can of course be arranged.

How can I pay?

I currently accept cash or cheque. For all photography sessions costing over £100, a 25% deposit is required at the time of booking to guarantee my availability, with another 25% to be paid before the shoot commences. The remaining balance must be paid before the images are delivered.

For any photo shoot costing under £100, the full amount must be paid at the time of the shoot.

If you are ordering any printed material, the full amount must be paid in advance, as I send images away for printing.

Who owns the copyright on the images?

The copyright on an image is always held by the photographer. However, upon full payment of the agreed fees, the images are delivered to the client with permission allowing you to publish, share or reproduce the images as you wish. Basically, once you receive the images they are yours to do with as you please!

How will I know if you are the best photographer for my project?

The majority of my work comes from “word of mouth” and personal recommendations from people who have used my services in the past, which is the best form of advertising available! Comments from previous clients also appear on my testimonials page and hopefully my pictures on this website speak for themselves and show the standard of work I produce.

There are also more examples of my work on my Facebook page. If you are considering booking me for a commission and want to find out more or have a chat, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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