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Matt Hampton Photography - Aerial and Drone Photography Specialist

Aerial View of HouseDrone Specification

The drone I usually use is a DJI Mini 2 - a relatively small but very versatile aircraft weighing just 249g. Its light weight allows it to perform tasks that would not be legally permitted by heavier drones and the onboard gyro-stabilised camera can shoot high definition video/stills which have to be seen to be believed - the 4K HD video is stunning!

This image was recently used as part of a sucessful marketing campaign and helped generate a sale after months on the market.

If required, other drones may be used, but 99.9% of the time the DJI Mini 2 will be more than adequate for your requirements.

Pilot Qualifications

I am fully certified by the CAA to fly drones for commercial work and have full public liability insurance. I have held an Airline Transport Pilot's Licence for over 20 years and aim to bring airline levels of safety to all my drone operations. For a full list of my qualifications and experience, please visit my about me page.



Types of Work Conducted

Why use a drone? Quite simply, it can achieve shots that could previously only be done by using much more expensive equipment such as a helicopter. Drone photography or videography is ideal for the following situations:

  • Estate agency photos and videos, showcasing a property and maximising potential interest. This can also include an internal and external video tour of a house!
  • Survey work, accessing difficult to reach areas such as a roof or tower.
  • Wedding Photography, giving you footage from an unusual perspective during your reception.
  • Action shots showing outdoor activities - biking, boating, etc.
  • Aerial photos of your own home - this would make a unique gift!

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I can explain more about the whole process.

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