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Professional Corporate Portraits

Let’s be honest about this – many of us can feel uneasy about having our photograph taken and this can be particularly daunting in a work related environment. I will do my best to put you at ease and make the whole process as pain free as possible!

The first stage is an initial discussion, to determine what you want to achieve with the photographs. Are you looking for something serious, informal or perhaps more candid, showing yourself or your employees in action? Do you want the portraits to be posed or natural? Should the subject be acknowledging the camera or ignoring it? What location should be used – behind a desk, against a backdrop or out and about in the work environment? If you are not sure what will work best, don't worry, as I can take a range of different photographs for you and you can choose which ones you prefer.

For all portrait photography, I try to use minimal paraphernalia, as it can be very distracting having a miniature studio constructed around you! I find that just a camera with a couple of lens and maybe a flash if required is far less intrusive, resulting in more natural and pleasing images:

Profession Corporate Portrait

Profession Corporate Portrait

If you are interested in arranging a photo shoot for yourself or your colleagues, please contact me and we can discuss the various options available.

If you also need any new marketing images of your product or services for a brochure or website, please visit my commercial marketing photography page for more information about how I can help you.

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