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About MeMatt Hampton Photographer

I am based in Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire and as well as being a photographer I also work as a long-haul airline pilot. In 2021 I decided to combine photography and flying by launching my aerial drone photography service - a completely new venture for me but one that is already producing some stunning photographs!

My interest in aviation started as a child, when I became involved with flying radio controlled model aircraft at a local club. These models are classified as UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), which is the official name for a drone, so technically I have been a drone pilot for almost 40 years! I have also been a keen photographer for a similar amount of time, so aerial photography is natural way to combine my skills and experience.


I qualified as a pilot in 1992 and started work as a flying instructor three years later, training pupils to gain their Private Pilot Licences. In 1999 I became an airline pilot and have operated 1000's of flights on the Boeing 757, Boeing 767 and iconic Boeing 747.

I also spent six years as a display pilot, flying a 1952 de Havilland Vampire T11 jet aircraft at air shows. All of these activities have given me a very healthy regard for safety and huge experience at conducting various different flying operations in the safest possible manner.

Why Choose Matt Hampton Photography?

Photography is a passion - it appeals to both my technical and artistic nature. The technical aspect involves operating the camera and lighting equipment to capture the required image, whether freezing high-speed motion, recording a romantic image in a dim, candlelit environment or releasing the shutter at just the right moment to record a fleeting expression. Artistically I am responsible for managing the lighting to illuminate the subject in the most appealing manner, positioning the subject, arranging the background and composing the picture to produce a photograph that is pleasing to the eye – not always as easy as it sounds! Getting all these aspects "right" is a challenge I enjoy and results in memorable images for you, the client. Read my recent testimonials from satified customers - more reviews can also be seen on my Facebook page.

It is very important to me that you to receive the best images possible - I want you to be happy with the photographs that I produce. After every photo shoot I will carefully select and process the best images, before delivering them to you in a digital format.

If required, printed photographs, enlargements or display canvases can also be arranged. Most of my commissions result from personal recommendations from previous clients, so hopefully you will already have seen examples of my work!

If you wish to find out more about my services, please use the links above or contact me to make a booking.

For the latest updates about my activities, information about my photography projects and advance notice of any special promotions on offer, simply click the button below to follow the Matt Hampton Photography Facebook page.


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